My Own IR Head Tracking Clip

1 minute read

I want to show you another project that I have been working on in the mean time. I needed good face tracking for my flight sim setup for which I was actually...

Open Gamma Detector Revision 4.1

less than 1 minute read

Did some work on the PCB and slightly updated the layout to make it all look better. The MCX connectors are now placed symmetrically on the board and the sil...

Mini SiD Revision 4.1

1 minute read

Just updated the GitHub repository for the Mini SiD for a smaller revision 4.1 launch. This new board version is mostly a board layout and design update, but...

Hello World!

less than 1 minute read

This is my first post from this new website. It’s a brand-new website built with Jekyll, so there might still be some issues or problems.

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