Software Projects

A selection of (open-source) software projects that I have been or am still currently working on. At this point, I have mainly worked in C++, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python and with the Godot Engine. Include site-building using Jekyll in the list too 😉

I tried to categorize all related projects to keep them organized, so there might be more than one project per page.

Gamma MCA

Progressive web application for gamma spectroscopy (multi-channel analyzer/MCA).

Gamma Spectrum Database

Open and comprehensive database of (common) gamma-ray emitting radioisotopes for gamma-spectroscopy.

Godot Engine Things

Physics applets, libraries and all kinds of demo projects that I made using the Godot (game) engine.

Kobra Neo Firmware

Fork of the original Kobra Neo 3D printer firmware by Anycubic including updates and fixes.


Novel JSON Schema targeted at storing nuclear physics energy spectra (NPES) data.


Replacement tool for GRMON, used for debugging the processor on the the SMILE (ESA/CAS mission) SXI.


Header-only C++ library introducing vectors, matrices and operators for linear algebra.