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I want to show you another project that I have been working on in the mean time. I needed good face tracking for my flight sim setup for which I was actually using Opentrack with AItrack previously (until I noticed that this feature was already built into Opentrack itself lol). However, face tracking wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I really don’t like the fact that you always have to be perfectly lit and you cannot tilt your head too much or the tracker will lose your face. It wasn’t the most responsive either, so I wanted to switch to IR tracking!

I’m now using a classical setup: Opentrack, PS3 Eye camera and an IR clip and I absolutely love the reliability and the responsiveness. Definitely a huge upgrade from the face tracking in my opinion!

This new project is about the IR clip that I built myself. I really wasn’t satisfied by the build quality and the feature set of most of the off-the-shelf clips. Also, some of them are ridiculously expensive for what they are for whatever reason. I wasn’t going to build one out of cardboard and some heavy AA batteries or something like that either. Instead I created a very slim and extremely light clip from scratch that works on a tiny LiPo battery.

Here are some pictures:

Crude Mount Simple mount using a cable tie. I could’ve also used some velcro.

On with LEDs Turned on, you can clearly see the wide-angle LEDs and the green status LED. The IR LEDs are invisible to the eye, obviously.

This is sort of just a quick teaser for the full project on Hackaday. I will continue to post updates parallel on here and on hackaday, but most of the info is already there. Let me know what you think!

Check it out on Hackaday: