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I have finally looked into how to set up a commenting feature for some pages and here I am now.

This website now uses giscus to offer comments for all of the blog posts on here, yay! I’m going to update the Gamma Spectrum Database with the same feature momentarily.

Giscus is a very straightforward way to enable commenting on a website and it’s built-in straight to the Jekyll theme I’m using. It uses my own GitHub repos to store the comments in the repo’s “Discussion” section and you only need a GitHub account to comment. Just log into the comment section below (one login per website) and you can start writing!

That way, everything is 100% transparent and there is no tracking or ads or anything like that. If you choose to log into your GitHub account to comment, an authentication cookie will be set in your browser for this website only to keep you logged in. That’s it.

Finally I can say: Please let me know what you think of this new feature down below! Cheers!